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Welcome Mikael and Eemil

Introducing the newest OSNY Interns: Mikael and Eemil. We're so excited to welcome them to NYC (from Finland!!) and can't wait for you to meet them. ...

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The 2014-15 OSNY Annual Report

In 2014/2015 our parishes have grown, more of our friends have been baptized, and our two neighborhoods have been loved with great generosity and creativity. God is so good! Take a look, with us, at the year past....

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Meet The Interns | Summer 2015

They're here! From Finland!!! If you were at either parish this past Sunday then you probably had a chance to meet Hannis and Petra, our OSNY Summer Interns. If you weren't, allow us to introduce you!...

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Meet OSNY's Summer Intern

He's here! He's here! The OSNY Summer Intern is here! Meet Kevin....then invite him out for a slice of pizza....

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From Pastor Matt | Reformation Day

On October 31st, 1517 Martin Luther's 95 Theses were posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany. The thoughts of this then little known pastor and professor would eventually reach the Pope himself, and light the fuse of the Reformation, an event that would define his life and change our world....

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A Letter from Blake and Tara Flattley

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Our Saviour, Just a few short months ago Tara and I were walking the freezing cold streets of New York while some of you tried to convince us that, "it isn't always this cold", while others of you were a little less optimistic explaining that layers is the key to not freezing.Well, the cold weather didn't scare us off, and the warmth of your s...

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Loving someone by letting them fall

Sometimes the best way to love those who are playing with fire is to protect ourselves and let them get burned--not consumed, but burned. Sometimes the best way we can love someone who is determined to drive into a tree is by refusing to stand in front of it......

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