Dwell: An Advent Devotional


Dwell is a day-by-day Advent devotional designed for individuals, families, and churches.
It is available free of charge, for use and distribution as you see fit.
Print it. Share it. Email it. Use it.



Advent is a season of preparing for the arrival of Jesus, which this year begins on Sunday, December first and ends Tuesday, December 24th. During the season of Advent followers of Jesus take time to prepare their hearts and homes for Christmas, when we look back with joy at the arrival and appearing of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. However it’s also a time to look forward, knowing that this Son who first arrived in weakness, as a baby in Bethlehem, has promised to arrive again in power, some day soon, to fully establish his Kingdom of grace and mercy.

This devotional is intended to help you, and those near you, prepare your hearts. 4 long-form devotions (20-30 mins) are provided for each Sunday in Advent, with a scripture reading and reflection questions (5 mins) provided for use throughout the week.

Advent is an amazing time of the year. You’ll find that your children, your friends, your acquaintances are more open than ever to spiritual truths and to embracing the reality of a God who loves us enough to dwell in our midst. We encourage you to share this devotional with as many as possible and, ideally, to invite the world around you to walk with you through these pages.

We pray that you would use this study of God’s willingness to dwell with us as a chance to love, pursue, and dwell with others.

Grace, peace, and Happy Advent.


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[This devotion was crafted by the talented Christy O’Shoney, a writer and member of OSNY. To follow her other great work, check out her blog: avoidingatrophy.com]