Jesus in Mark & the Psalms | Lenten Reading Plan

The Gospel of Mark is celebrated as the oldest, historical account of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. In a simple and straightforward manner Mark introduces us to God’s own Son—God in flesh—who came to rescue the world. Over the next 40 days you’ll read every word of Mark’s Gospel, getting to know the person of Jesus and hearing Mark’s clear call to join the excited disciples in following after Him. You’ll also read a selection of Old Testament Psalms. These ancient songs of faith, written centuries before the arrival of Jesus, point to the mercy and grace that His life, death, resurrection would secure. They also give us words to pray as we now call out to God the Father with renewed faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

You can follow the daily reading plan over the next 40 days by bookmarking this page, downloading the entire plan via the button below or following us on facebook, twitter or Google+ using #JesusAndThePsalms


Daily Reading | 3 Steps


1 | Pre-reading Prayer:

Heavenly Father, open my heart and mind to understand the words I read today and open my heart to grasp the hope I have in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your Word which strengthens my faith and guides my steps. In Jesus' name, amen.

2 | Read and Reflect:

What does this reading reveal to me about the person of Jesus, or the character of God in general?

Is the Holy Spirit working through these words to convict me or to comfort me about something specific in my life?

3 | Post-reading Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus, your Son, into my world. Instill deeper and deeper into my heart and mind the truth that I am loved by you--completely--through his life, death, and resurrection on my behalf. Help me to trust him as King today as a walk through all that you have planned for me. (Add any personal prayers or needs.) In Jesus' name, amen.

February 18 (Ash Wednesday): Mark 1
February 19: Psalm 1
February 20: Mark 2
February 21: Psalm 13
February 22 (Sunday--no reading)
February 23: Mark 3
February 24: Psalm 19
February 25: Mark 4
February 26: Psalm 23
February 27: Mark 5
February 28: Psalm 24
March 1 (Sunday--no reading)
March 2: Mark 6
March 3: Psalm 27
March 4: Mark 7
March 5: Psalm 32
March 6: Mark 8
March 7: Psalm 46
March 8 (Sunday--no reading)
March 9: Mark 9
March 10: Psalm 51
March 11: Mark 10
March 12: Psalm 63
March 13: Psalm 66
March 14: Psalm 70
March 15 (Sunday--no reading)
March 16: Mark 11
March 17: Psalm 84
March 18: Psalm 98
March 19: Mark 12
March 20: Psalm 100
March 21: Psalm 103
March 22 (Sunday--no reading)
March 23: Mark 13
March 24: Psalm 113
March 25: Psalm 115
March 26: Mark 14
March 27: Psalm 121
March 28: Psalm 130
March 29 (Sunday--no reading)
March 30: Psalm 143
March 31: Mark 15
April 1: Psalm 146
April 2: Psalm 150
April 3 (Good Friday) Psalm 22
April 5 (Easter Sunday): Mark 16



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