Just Words | Lenten Devotional

The Gospel is more than mere words. And yet, God does his work of the Gospel, over and over in us, through simple human words. In this series we will look at the words God uses most often to declare to us the good news of the finished work of Jesus Christ. In doing so we will discover how the message of Jesus speaks to and applies to every aspect of life, to every dark and dusty corner of human existence and can bring anyone, in any situation, to new life.

The gospel is never just words. It is words that work in you that do something to you. Specifically they are words that make you just--make you holy and right in the eyes of God. No matter who you are. Join us this Lenten season as we explore the words of the Gospel. Check back each week for a new devotion in the series "Just Words" to take you through the season of Lent. 

Week 1: Christ The Life-Giver [DEVOTION PDF]
Week 2: Christ The Redeemer [DEVOTION PDF]
Week 3: Christ The Judge [DEVOTION PDF]
Week 4: Christ The Reconciler [DEVOTION PDF]
Week 5: Christ The Priest [DEVOTION PDF]
Week 6: Christ The Saviour [DEVOTION PDF]
Week 7: Christ The Lord [DEVOTION PDF]

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