Less Food More Jesus | 3 Day Fast

3DayFastCoverOver the duration of the fast, the goal is simple: to live on less of that which seems so essential (food) in order to focus on the only thing that can truly fill us up, Jesus. Specifically it’s an opportunity for God’s people to focus on “feeding” and sustaining themselves through prayer and a focus on God’s promises.

Fasting also creates space in your day to reflect and pray about big decisions and important issues in your life or the life of our church. As you fast, seek clarity from God on any pressing issues in your life. As your pastor I’d also ask that you pray for our Easter outreach efforts: our community Easter Egg Hunts at our Queens Parish and in Central Park.

Fasting is nothing new for members of God’s family. The discipline of fasting is recorded in Nehemiah, Esther and the book of Acts. The most famous is the fast of Jesus Himself, who went without food and water for 40 days at the start of his ministry. (Matthew 4:1-11) If you’ve never taken part in a fast, now is the time.

It is suggested that over 72 hours—beginning at dinner on Sunday, March 29th and ending at dinner on Wednesday, April 1st—you join the OSNY community at it's leaders, in a solid food fast. A solid food fast is where an individual will drink necessary amounts of juice and water—supplemented with things like Jell-O and yogurt—but chooses not to eat any solid foods. In place of meal times, this booklet will provide you with a series of short devotions to serve as a guide for prayer.

Whole families are encouraged to take part in the fast, although school age children should simply take part in a partial fast—where only certain foods and drinks are avoided, for example soda, sweets, etc.

If possible, plan on joining with others on Wednesday April 1st for dinner – to break the fast with others, perhaps your Missional Community or just a few friends from church. It will be a great time to reflect on the journey.

Enjoy the 3 Day Fast. May it make you hungry for something greater than food.

Download the PDF version of our 3 day fast booklet or grab a copy this Sunday before worship.