Meet The Interns | Summer 2015

They're here! From Finland!!! If you were at either parish this past Sunday, then you probably had a chance to meet Hannis and Petra, our OSNY Summer Interns. If you weren't, allow us to introduce you! 


2015HannaLeena I’m Hanna-Leena (Hannis). I’m a 21-year-old girl from Finland and I’ve been dreaming of volunteering at OSNY this summer. This past year I’ve been living on the western coast of Finland and studying communication and English at University in a city called Vaasa.

I’m originally from central Finland, from a smaller city called Saarijärvi. I lived there with my family (mum, dad, sister and brother) until my graduation from high school. After the graduation I worked in Saarijärvi Church, doing youth work for half a year. After that I moved to Helsinki (the capital of Finland) to study Bible for another half a year. During my stay there I found a host family in Switzerland and moved there to work as an aupair for one year. I came back last summer and started studying at university in August.

During the past couple of years God has taught me a lot through taking me into new situations, interacting with different groups of people and working in various places with a variety of duties. For now He has put a dream of New York and volunteer work at my heart. 


2015PetraMy name is Petra, and I’m a 21-year-old Christian girl from Finland (which is in northern Europe ;). I have six siblings, of whom the oldest is 23 and youngest is 4 years old. I come from a small town called Kokemäki, but I have been living close to Finland's capital, Helsinki. After high school I was in a bible school for one year. Then I was doing volunteer work in an orphanage in Ghana, and working as an au pair in Spain. Now I am working (and studying youth work) in Finnish Lutheran Mission. For example we organize camps for young people. Next spring I will try to get in university to study psychology.

I heard about your church when I found out that your pastor, Matt, was coming to this Christian music festival in Finland. I went to OSNY's website and listened to all of the sermons there (seriously). I sent an email to Matt and we met at the festival in Finland.

I want to do my part in making the world know the love of Jesus. And of course I'm also super excited about New York and all the people there. I am excited to spend the summer in NYC and doing volunteer work with OSNY people!


Both Hannis and Petra will be working with our summer mission teams and helping out on Sundays at our parishes until mid-August. They will be with us as part of their college studies, where both are focused on ministry and non-profit work. When you see them over the next few weeks welcome them to the United States and New York City. Share with them your favorite things about our city to help them make the most of their time here!

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