Mission Teams, Mission Teams and MORE Mission Teams!

Here we go! The humidity arrived here in the city earlier this week and tomorrow the first mission team hits the ground...must be summer!

This summer there will be more than 150 volunteers here from all across the country. They are coming from SIX different churches and FOUR different states [Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Texas...in case you're keeping track]. The individual groups range in size from 8 people to 65 people, which is our largest group. Some of the groups are new to OSNY and NYC and some of the groups, such as the final group of the summer, Holy Cross, have been here in the past. (Yay! Thanks for loving us so much that you would return for more work!)

While in NYC some of the groups chose to stay in hotels while other groups will be taking advantage of the Missions House run by Immanuel Whitestone and still others will stay at other local churches that can accomodate them. OSNY will help provide some of the meals for each group while they are here doing so much hard work for us at both of our parishes and the school! If you'd like to help us provide those meals 

  • Donate Today Online | Donate at the OSNY website. Select "Add a Memo" and type "Mission Meals."
  • Donate On Sunday | Place cash or check in an offering envelope and write "Mission Meals" on the front.

Like we said, the groups begin to arrive TOMORROW, June 14th and will each stay for about a week before another group comes to take their place. The last group will leave us on August 9th. While on site mission teams will be working both the Midtown and Queens parishes as well as the Early Childhood Center in Rego Park AND doing some work for the Whitestone Missions House, as a thank you to them for lettung us use their facility all summer long. The projects the mission teams will be working on include painting and cleaning the Manhattan parish, redoing the blacktop sealant at OSEC in Rego Park, awesome VBS Kids Camps, building a shed for the Queens parish and repainting the fences in front of both the Midtown and Queens parises.

We've said it before and we'll say it again....it is not going to be a lazy summer at OSNY!

Below you will find a list of the churches that are sending mission teams this summer. Keep them in your prayers: Prayers of thanksgiving that they would give us a week of their summer to work to better our ministry and neighborhoods and prayers for safe travel and a productive and fun time while with us in New York.

  • LifeBridge Community | Sealy, TX
  • Our Savior | Louisville, KY
  • Cross of Christ | Anthem, AZ
  • CrossPoint Community Church | Katy, TX
  • Fishers of Men and Friends | Houston, TX
  • Holy Cross Lutheran | Flushing, MI

If you have any general questions about the mission teams, providing meals or anything else misison team related email Summer Intern, Kevin Sharp OR Christy and Daniel O'Shoney .