Prayers of Christmas: Advent Devotions

It’s relatively easy, if one wants, to simply go through the motions of Christmas. You can stream the songs, hang the lights, wear the ugly sweater and put on the happy face. And as a result you may just have a great holiday. But there can be so much more. It’s possible to celebrate, to commemorate, Christ’s birth in a way that deeply engages your heart and allows the message of the newborn King to bring deep comfort and true, lasting joy. It’s through prayer—and prayer has been a part of the Christmas story since the very beginning. In this series we’ll look at a handful of prominent prayers found in the story of Jesus’s birth and relate to the deep needs and great hopes we bring to the holiday season.

Follow along with us this Advent season as we go through daily devotions which accompany our weekly messages, and take a deeper look at the prayers of Christmas.

Click below to download the weekly devotion and click [HERE] to listen to our weekly messages.

Week 1 [Dec 4] - Zachariah: The Prayer of Unbelief [Download PDF]
Week 2 [Dec 1] - Mothers in Israel: The Prayer of Mourning [Download PDF]
Week 3 [Dec 18] - Mary: The Prayer of Submission [Download PDF]
Week 4 [Dec 25] - Angels: The Prayer of Praise [Download PDF