Welcome Mikael and Eemil


Introducing the newest OSNY Interns: Mikael and Eemil. We're so excited to welcome them to NYC (from Finland!!) and can't wait for you to meet them.

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MIKAEL comes from a family of four. He and his family lived in Austria for the first 7 years of his life, where his parents were missionaries. After moving back to Finland at the age of 7, his parents continued missionary work. He is really excited about the opportunity to live and do ministry with the people of OSNY.
Mikael graduated from high school in spring 2016, ran a small marketplace company with his cousins during the summer, and then started Bible school in the fall. After his time in New York he will have take his entrance exam into a school of business and economy in Tampere, Finland, however before going to university, he will fulfill a year-long commitment to the army, which is mandatory in Finland.

Mikael says, "I have always loved three things: being with people, doing sports, and going on adventures. I am pretty outgoing and I get my energy from being around people." When we asked him why he wants to come to New York he said, "I have three reasons why I really want to come to New York: I want to serve the Lord and really be useful to you; I want to grow in my faith and learn to know God more; and I also love the idea of the new adventure of being there."

EEMIL comes from a family of 6, in which he is the oldest child. He grew up in a relatively big city (by Finnish standards) and then moved to Vammala (where he and Mikael became friends) when he was 10. There he continued his schooling, graduating from high school last spring.
Eemil has spent time on the staff of a small Christian retreat center and worked at a local grocery store. He is applying to university to study theology and hopes to become a youth pastor one day. He enjoys working with young people, and has discovered a passion for teaching.

Eemil loves sports and playing the drums. He describes himself as easygoing and likes being with people. When asked why he wants to come to New York he responded, "Ever since my dad told me that he came to America when he was my age (and how much he loved it), I have had the dream of going there one day. More specifically, I have wanted to come and do something useful and missions-related, which is why I am so excited about this opportunity. I am looking forward to growing in my faith, serving with you all and meeting new people."

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Throughout high school Eemil and Mikael led a youth group that they started together. Leading a youth group together taught them lots about teamwork and they are excited to continue doing ministry together here at OSNY.