Why Neighborhood Parishes?


We exist to be "New York's Neighborhood Church," known as the place in the city where people can easily make friends, meet Jesus and make a difference. As such we cannot insist that the neighborhoods of New York to come to us. We must go to them.


OSNY is a network of neighborhood parishes (congregations). Together we can leverage resources and make a city-wide impact. Individually we can meet the needs of our neighborhoods in unique ways as well as walk closely with one another in the boroughs we call home. Although one church--unified in theology, mission, and leadership--each parish worships weekly on its own as well as has it's own staff and neighborhood ministries. Lastly, all OSNY congregations will worship together at times throughout the year to celebrate what God is doing through our collective work.

Currently OSNY has established parishes in Queens and in Midtown Manhattan.
For more information on weekly worship see: Weekend Worship.


Each parish of OSNY is made up of multiple Missional Communities. These MC's are mid-sized groups of 15-20 people and serve as the primary place where Christian community is experienced. Meeting once a month participants gather in their borough to share a meal, meet their neighbors, grow in their faith, and make plans for serving the community. Each MC has a leader who helps organize the gatherings and ensure that things like pastoral care takes place when needed and that the community is truly being served.

For a list of our Missional Communities, including when/where they meet see: Missional Communities.


Within each Missional Community smaller gatherings (5-8) known as Discipling Groups are encouraged to emerge. These groups are where truly deep friendships are formed and the majority of our life-changing conversations about following Jesus take place, and where leaders are identified and emerge.

To get more information about joining a Discipling Group contact our office: osnyoffice@our-saviour.org.

The end result of it all, we believe, is a truly New York yet truly Christian community. It's a community able to love, serve and welcome the whole city--yet know, grow and walk together like a real family. That's what it means to be a neighborhood church.