Leadership at OSNY


OSNY is first and foremost under the leadership of Jesus. Having forgiven us through His death on the cross and marked us as His at our baptisms Jesus is the Chief Overseer of this and every other church. He's the true "Senior Pastor." Jesus then calls qualified men and women to serve on his behalf in the life of His churches. 


Pastors and Elders are trained, qualified, and called servants who oversee the faithfulness of the local church in regard to her theology, mission, and the celebration of God's grace in baptism and the Lord's Supper. Pastors at OSNY have gone through a rigorous process of ordination and our Elders participate in local training and discipleship prior to being installed into leadership roles.

Deacons are trained and qualified Owners who oversee and execute the general operations of life in Jesus' church. The word "deacon" literally means "servant" and that's what they do--serve sacrificially to make sure the details of church administration happen in a way that brings glory to God and blessing to others. Deacon roles include anything from non-pastoral staff roles to high-level lay-leadership roles within the church.


Rev. Anthony Forgione | Pastor 

Kevin Sharp | Elder | Ministry Coordinator & Communications

Victor Castillo | Elder  


Warren Castellani | Executive Director 

Claire Kraus | OS|Kids Director

Abby Payne | Worship Director 


Our Saviour is led by a Board of Directors made up of our Pastor, Executive Director, Elders, and Deacons. Deacons on the Board consist of qualified men and women who champion the right stewardship of financial, material and human resources toward the mission of the church. Meeting together, and chaired by the Pastor, they oversee the ministry of Our Saviour New York. 


Owners of OSNY are men and women who, feeling compelled by God and after having undergone a time of training and maturing, make a public commitment to live as an integral partner in the mission of OSNY. We rely on owners to support the ministry and to carry out much of the work required for us to be "New York's Neighborhood Church." In turn, the leadership of OSNY aims to love and serve her owners well.

If you’re led to make a deeper commitment to OSNY follow the steps listed HERE.